Michael Sonne vocal in Wasted.

Morten COZY Barth Drums in Wasted.

Drums in Bloody Mary.

WASTED 1981 - 1987

WASTED 2013 -

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The chainsaws



Wasted formed in 1981 in Denmark - Realized there first LP record in 1984 on ZYX records called Halloween the night of produced by Roy Mariott from Midas Records Scandinavia - 1985 / Wasted in studio recording 2´nd LP album, but record was never releazed / only as demo master raw mixing. Wasted was terminated over and out in 1986 and we never played together again before summer 2013 in Denmark to a reunion concert at MMF festival Fredericia Denmark.

Nicklas Sonne - Guitar in Wasted.

Guitar and vocal in Defecto.

Thomas Kromann - Bass guitar in Wasted.

Bass guitar in Bloody Mary

Allan Sørensen - Guitar Wasted.